Product: TV
Description: FLAT HDMI CABLE / 6 FEET
Specification: WT118. 6 FEET // NEEDS 2 HDMI CABLES

Part Information

Flat HDMI Cable. Information and data transmission has never been easier. Remove those shabby cords and messy connecting wires with this invisible flat cable. This multi-function design can be used for any HDMI connection. Easy to install, the flat, flexible ultra-thin design can hide under carpeting, wall paper and can even be painted over. Say goodbye to that expensive, complicated electrical cabling and in-wall installation. This Flat HDMI cable is the best solution for today’s home entertainment enthusiast. \

\ Here’s how it works. Using two HDMI cables, simply connect one cable from your TV to the Flat HDMI Cable connector, and the second with another HDMI device such as a DVD or Blu-ray player to the opposite end connector. That’s it!

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